Old World Romantic Bliss: A Wedding in Prague

Black, White and Red

With its stunning architecture, winding, cobbled streets and thousand-year-old history, Prague isn’t just a historic city, it’s one of the most darkly romantic cities on earth. Some of the world’s most celebrated writers, musicians, and artists have hailed from this glorious place, and if you’re planning a wedding that revels in all things romantic and mysterious, this is the city that’ll make it happen. Photo: Emre Ergin To echo the aesthetics of the town and to evoke a true sense of romantic Read more […]

Your Name in Bright Lights


So, you’ve thought about those pretty pastels your mum would like, you’ve looked into the destination wedding your mother-in-law is hinting you should have and you’ve ruled out the football themed wedding the best man suggested… in jest… you hope. You’d like something classic, but also something fun with a lot of character. Ideally, you’d also like to keep it in the UK, so that everyone can attend. What do you do? Whether you’re considering a vintage themed wedding around New Year or an Read more […]

A Wedding in Florence

Tuscan wedding

There are few places on the planet that are as lush and romantic as Florence, and if you’re planning your wedding in that stunning locale, you could be married in a potato sack and you’d still look and feel spectacular. I’m guessing that isn’t your gown of choice, so let’s play with some ideas about how to pull off an exquisite wedding, Tuscan-style. Photo by Wedding in Italy Simple elegance is the way to go here: no princess dresses or grandiose poufs. Aim for a shift dress that can flow in Read more […]

Wedding Planning Disasters, and How to Avoid Them

Unimpressed Bride

Wedding planning disasters: They don’t happen all that often, but when they do, they happen hard. Photo by Blue Wolfie Boy When planning a wedding, people tend to be terribly excited about all the amazing things they’ll be able to put into play, from the colour scheme and decorations to the hors d’oeuvres and take-away gifts. Some of the most vital planning that has to be taken into consideration, however, has to do with management and damage control of those unpleasant-yet-generally-avoidable Read more […]

Peonies, Rosebuds, and Mint: A Pastel-Hued Wedding

Groom feeding bride

Pastel hues and delicate blooms are hallmarks of spring and summertime, and designing your wedding around this theme can be an absolute delight. These hues suit women of any age – from the 18-year-old bride decked out in mint and blush, to the 80-year-old bride in apricot and cream – and you can find accessories to suit any taste or budget.  Photo by Diloz Choose a primary hue that you’d like as your main wedding colour, and then use complementary ones as accents. Are you in love with Read more […]

Creative Wedding Photo Ideas for the Bride and Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids and Bride Shoes Photography

After the ceremony is over and the guests are ushered toward the cocktails, you’ll have your chance to snap some traditional portraits with family and friends to fill your wedding album. But, they aren’t the only photos that are a must-take for the big day. You can’t stand “just so” for hours on end with a funny-looking smile of your face. Instead, allow your personality and details to shine with some fun, creative wedding photos. Today, we’ll reveal some unique ways to show off the Read more […]

Wedding Etiquette: What Are the Rules?

Emily Post Wedding Cake

In today’s anything goes world, brides to be may find themselves wondering if wedding etiquette that their mothers and grandmothers considered to be gospel is even relevant any more.  After all, isn’t it better to just do what works rather than worry about sticking to all the rules? While freedom and creativity are just a few of the wonderful benefits awarded to women living in the new millennium, I would argue that traditional wedding etiquette still offers some important guidelines for Read more […]

Top 6 Best Wedding Day Activities and Games

Wedding Reception Games and Activites

To break the ice, to get the party started and to have everyone get involved, there are so many wonderful, charming ways to create a memorable reception! For rehearsal dinner activities, take a look at our Top 10 Rehearsal Dinner Activities list. Show off your personalities and have fun picking out some activities and games. Whether it’s croquet in the garden or corn hole outside the beautiful barn, pick what you love! 1.      Wedding Couple Trivia   There’s a variety of different Read more […]

Destination Wedding: India

Goan Wedding Dais

With a rich cultural history that takes back thousands of years, India is a lush, gorgeous place to visit, and an ideal spot for a spectacular wedding. If you’re in love with all things related to the culture and beauty of that country, there are several places in India that you can check out for potential wedding sites: the pristine beaches of Goa would be ideal for romantic, outdoorsy types, while the palaces and mansions of Jaipur would be great for regal, lavish weddings. We’ll Read more […]