As The National Wedding show approaches, we’ve got another exciting preview to warm you up for the main event! If you thought you liked macarons, think again. Audrey from Ganache Macaron will have you falling in love with macarons forever more…

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How did Ganache Macaron get going?

I grew up in Paris, France, where food is a true art form and it is possible to express your creativity through it. I think that this artistic passion for food was something I was eager to channel myself when I arrived in England 6 years ago.

Were you always aiming to enter the wedding market?

Yes. At Ganache Macaron we like to push boundaries and create edible pieces of art, so what better canvas/setting than at a glorious wedding? Alongside that, all the couples we have worked with in the past have always wanted a macaron cake which is unique to them; a cake which reflected who they were, their history and – to some extent – their future, so it is always very exciting to work on a wedding.

Purple and Cream Ganache Macaron

Ganache Macaron Assorted Cakepops

Purple and Cream Macaron Tower

What makes you stand out from the crowd?

Two things: our array of different flavours and our creativity. That is what brides and grooms really like about us. We can offer the classic macaron, but they can also come to us for the more unusual requests (Bubblegum and Popping Candy, Peanut Butter and Jam, Earl Grey).

Tell us about your target bride? Who is she?

Someone who is looking for an option that is a little different to the classic tiered wedding cake covered in icing. We offer beautiful macaron structures with all colours, flavours and shapes imaginable. We also offer wedding favours presented in elegant packaging which is a great talking point for all of the guests.

Pink Macaron Tower Ganache Macaron

Pink Macaron Tower Centrepiece

Cherub Bust from Ganache Macaron

Cream and Pink Macaron Tower

We are busy in our kitchen right now creating a life size macaron wedding dress! This is quite a challenge, as you can imagine, but we are having so much fun doing it! It will be a wedding dress with a Marie-Antoinette feel, 18th Century France.

Any highlights and / or exciting collaborations so far / coming up?

We have worked on many exciting collaborations, from well-known fashion designers to famous entertainers. We have worked with Google London, Southbank Centre and the Saatchi Gallery.

What can we look forward to, as brides-to-be from Ganache Macaron?

A tailored service for each couple; we will make your dream wedding day come true!

If you could sum up Ganache Macaron in 3 words, what would they be?

Artisan, Unique, Imaginative